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An Open Letter to Our Contributors



I must start with a THANK YOU for all the support we have had since our inception in 2011, we have made a difference because of YOUR support and we pray to continue to do so against all odds!!                                                 


Our 2018 vision is to:

  1. Increase the number of girls we sponsored from 5 in 2017 to 25 in 2018 (we are now at 17 girls). The is cost $500 a year to sponsor a girl. This effort will cover (a) school fees (b) uniforms (c) books and school supplies and (d) Monthly meal plan.

  2. Increase the number of Part-Time interns from 1 in 2017 to 5 in 2018 (we now have 3). They will be paid $150 per Month.

  3. Continue our collaboration with The Learning Foundation SL in refurbishing libraries in schools in Sierra Leone, which involves (a) adding furniture and (b) provide monthly stipend for librarians. 

  4. Mentor teenage girls in Washington DC Metropolitan area, through seminars, workshops and scholarships.

  5. Partner with other organizations to raise awareness in social issues affecting women and girls through education.


How can you help?

  • Sponsor a girl for a year - $500/Month

  • Sponsor an intern - $150.00/Month

  • Sponsor our Mission Trip to Sierra Leone in November 2018 – Total cost $3,500

  • No amount is too small; any time is the right time!


Our organization’s ability to continue operation is due to the generous support of individual donors who believe in our mission, as well as donations from businesses and corporations. If you are interested in assisting us with this endeavor or desire to discuss it further, please contact us. Also, please visit our partners’ websites:,



We are excited about the future as we help one girl and woman at a time! I am truly her!

Thank you.




Danita Heathington                       

President & Founder

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