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Our Programs

Social consciousness and community engagement are at the core of our organiziation. Here you will find some of our efforts. Discover more information by clicking on our programs below. 

Ruth International Missions Mentorship Program (RIMM) Mentoring and nurturing girls and young ladies to improve their self-image and empower them to achieve their life goals and become leaders of tomorrow. For more information, click below!

Above are some of the girls we are currently sponsoring. Ruth Missions will pay their yearly school fees, books and provide other school supplies until each girl graduates from secondary school. We will continue sponsorship through college depending on the individual needs and circumstances. Click below to learn how you can sponsor a child today!

Ruth International missions provides part-time paid internships for recently graduated (female) college students. They are recruited to work as boots-on-the ground for the foundation to help integrate and formalize our missions in Sierra Leone. Click below to learn more!




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