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Our Latest Mission Trip

November 22, 2018-December 5, 2018

I first of all want to thank God for safe travels and for ordering my steps throughout this trip. Then, I want to thank everyone who contributed in any form or fashion in making this trip possible, especially our donors and of course my family who missed my Thanksgiving cooking this year because I was traveling. I appreciate all of you. 

My heart was filled to overflowing when I first laid eyes on the girls and actually hugged them. I met with their parents as well and they expressed their appreciation for all we do as an organization in helping alleviate the brunt of poverty and miss opportunities for their children. I realized also, that some of our girls have special needs, such as mental, HIV, homelessness, etc., which we plan to address going forward. There is so much work to be done. We also must provide some mentorship to keep them encouraged. It was brought to my attention that there is another level of poverty which is below the one we are addressing currently and our goal is to go deeper to that level to support those women and girls.

This was the most amazing trip of my career. I am glad to say that all our efforts are channeled to the right place and all the girls who benefit from us are very appreciative of our hard work. We currently have 23 girls and the number is on the rise because the need in the country is overwhelming. 


Lastly, I was very encouraged by the speech of Mr. Tom Vens, the European Union Representative to Sierra Leone at the EU “Stop the Violence Against Women” event, when he reiterated that education is one of the keys to stop violence against women and girls, which is on the rise. Ruth International is all in to support education of women and girls of Sierra Leone. I am very excited about the future of the organization and I look forward to an increase in supporters as we do our part to eradicate illiteracy in Sierra Leone.


Danita Heathington

President & Founder

This video is in the Krio language.

This video is in the English language.

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